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Leila Milki "Aurore": A luminous and sensitive piano.

It is with great pleasure that we want to share this beautiful performance by American pianist Leila Milki.

As one of Arab America's "30 Under 30" award winners, she strives to turn her artistry into a healing platform for emotional and multicultural empowerment and to bring attention to her fellow first-generation daughters of the Arab diaspora.

("Aurore" translates from French as "dawn" - and I hope it inspires a peaceful sense of light out of darkness.)

A beautiful video work to an equally beautiful music composition. The melody carries a lot of positive energy, it is like the rays of the sun penetrating into the house through the curtains in the early morning. It is very interesting to watch the author performing his music, you can see his emotions, there is a feeling of involvement in something big and good.

You can talk endlessly about the beauty of this work, but it is better to see it once than to hear it a thousand times! Enjoy!


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