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Zachary Bruno "Margin (improv)": an undemanding neoclassical beauty

Zachary Bruno is no stranger to our blog and that's for a good reason - his take on relaxing piano music is a monumental one. It would seem anything falling underneath this pianist's fingers hits the spot and his recent improv piece entitled "Margin" is no exception.

Patient, pure and contemplative, the composition proves just how little it takes to create something beautiful. Basically played on arpeggios of two chords, the pianist manages to capture a beautiful moment by allowing the emotions to play the keys, elegantly holding up on some bars and swiftly falling into the others. Recorded with plenty of reverb, the recording draws immense amount of space around it, allowing your thoughts and feelings to linger freely in it's free, expansive domain.

Relax to this beautiful, simple creation at the link below:


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