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Zachary Bruno ''Aspen Starlight'' - a piano charmer like few

Zachary Bruno, who has already been featured on our blog, is returning once more with another beautiful, twinkling piano piece.

''Aspen Starlight'' is - as far as chill piano goes - a banger. While most neoclassical pieces have a form of their own, Zachary is unafraid of keeping a more pop shape to his compositions and takes you through what could be verses and choruses. This is not to say that the piece is somehow lesser that way, oh no! In contrary, despite its evident pop core, the music is engaging and interesting all throughout - a result owed to the richness of dynamics and the size of heart an arm-lenght away from the piano keys being pressed.

A true charmer that's gonna get the best of you and amplify it, let it in:


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