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Zach Howie "Shoreline": Аn atmospheric and unusual piano.

Zach Howie is a Canadian producer of downtempo/neoclassical music, merging and shaping noise into landscapes. He plays like a cinematic dream, a cocoon of enveloping beats and cavernous synths in an atmosphere as transparent and calm as water. Each track envelops you in its own sphere, absorbing you into its own world. Downtempo has never sounded more progressive. From pianos and guitars to drum machines and synths, Zach Howie is a multi-instrumentalist relentlessly searching for uncharted sounds.

Introducing his fresh single entitled "Shoreline". It's a soothing piano with an interesting sound and the addition of light, almost imperceptible electronic elements that complete the picture and make the composition even more atmospheric and complete. The composition lasts three minutes and forty-six seconds and won't let you get bored, it progresses from start to finish.

It's a homey, harmonious atmosphere that will help you relax and, leaning back in your chair, you can put everything out of your mind, connect with the music and just relax.

You can immerse yourself in this beautiful atmosphere by following this link:


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