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Yuki Hayashi & Takahiro Obata "Haguruma (Re-Build)": Cinematic piano story-telling at it's finest

Yuki Hayashi & Takahiro Obata, both Japanese neoclassical composers, have recently release a delightfully cinematic piano composition entitled "Haguruma (Re-Build)", which we are listening to today.

Emotionally moving, the piece takes no chances and grips you right by your heart from the start. A bit Disney-like, the melody evolves around a pop-core, undemanding in it's essence but a highly touching one nevertheless. The story-telling element of this piano piece is then masterfully emphasized by the most thoughtful and appealing dynamic - the pianist effortlessly ascends and descends the music all along the almost three-and-a-half minute runtime of this track, giving each phrase just the time and volume it requires.

It would be appear Japan has got it all figured out when it comes to neoclassical and cinematic music. Let it in:


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