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Yorgos Karagiannis ''Reluctance'': how much talent can one human have?

It's truly amazing how much talent is out there, wandering, seemingly unnoticed, creating music that may easily be heard in large halls and expensive film productions. Yorgos Karagiannis, who has already blown are minds not too long ago with his piano skills, is now returning to impress the brains out of us again - only this time with a Cubana guitar arrangement.

Paying every respect to the genre, ''Reluctance'' is a masterfully delivered peace of Cubana music, wonderfully exploiting every last bit of the familiar scales associated with the genre. It is impressive how the guitarists makes the guitar sing in multiple voices, each note considered and tended to, all the while managing to provide a consistent, supportive background - all by himself. As dynamic as human emotion at peak, the music captivates you and keeps you in its grip all throughout its just over two minute run-time.

How much talent can one human fit into them? It's hard to tell, especially when artists like Yorgos Karagiannis come around and put the bar up where you can't even see it. Enjoy:


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