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Yorgos Karagiannis ''Memory'' - an instant neoclassical piano classic

Yorgos Karagiannis is a pianist and composer from Greece, who other than being an excellent (as you will soon acknowledge) musician, is also well versed in math. In fact, he has been teaching both for the past 15 years and has been awarded acknowledgments in both fields. His recent release ''Memory'' is a masterfully played, intense and complex piano piece that lives up to the highest standards of neoclassical music, and beyond.

Taking off on running arpeggios, the flawlessly played fast paced theme is soon joined by a mesmerizing Chopin-like melody. The two hands now join in a thrilling, dynamically rich, masterful musical endeavor, which will lift you right off the ground and keep you there for as long as the composer intended - that is until the main theme elegantly breaks up into an ever more soul-stirring outro/climax. This is an instant classic, no doubt about it.

How come we are first hearing about Yorgos now, we wonder? This is highest grade piano composition and execution all the way. Immerse in the beauty of music and dynamics at the links below:

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