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Ymir ''Catalyst'': the deepest point of Sonic Ocean

Ambient genre remains a fairly new one and while its definitions vary from source to source, it is common knowledge that one of the requirements for a track to fall into the genre is something we can call 'immersiveness'. Often induced by drones, the feeling of being absorbed by the audio is what a lot of listeners are looking for when browsing ambient playlists - something that Ymir, an American ambient/drone artist, doesn't only know, but takes very, very seriously.

''Catalyst'' takes 'immersive' to another level, or should we say to another depth. Just over five minutes long the track MUST be heard with headphones or an expensive surround system - otherwise all of its brilliance will pass you by. Its deep, unnerving drones, its crisp backing detail and how they work together in this complete, detail-oriented production is worth the effort - believe me. Picturesque, sexy and very, very convincing - this track will literally take you on a journey down to the deepest point in the Sonic Ocean.

Go get your headphones. I'll wait.



Got em? Good. Now put them on, sit yourself comfortably and hit play on this:


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