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Yasuaki Ishikawa "Silence": You are the universe

As is tradition, we got a little excited seeing a submission from Japan. The music coming out of the distant, mystical island seems to never fail to appeal to us and this recent release entitled "Silence" by Yasuaki Ishikawa is no exception to that rule.

Loyal to it's title, the track is probably one of the quietest tunes in my recent memory. That is not to say that it is not infused with heaps of music and beauty, for both are strongly prevalent all along its three-and-a-half minute runtime. Played on piano and piano only and complete with beautiful ASMR sounds of the body of the instrument, the composition moves you in a way that staring at a clear night sky does. Powerless before its silent grandeur you are left to only wonder and gaze, eventually realizing that you are it - the universe.

Ideal for sleep, meditation, stargazing and cuddles, here's "Silence":


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