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Yasuaki Ishikawa "Dewdrops": An ornamental piano gem

Another wonderful piano composition from Japan has come to our ever-hungry-for-neoclassical ears, this time by a talent going by the name Yasuaki Ishikawa and entitled "Dewdrops".

Taking off on an ornamental, beautiful melody notably rooted in oriental music, the composition elevates gradually with the pianist adding to the palette with both his right and left hands. Quite abruptly, but even more intricately, the piece then falls into a second movement, that is unlike anything one could expected, but captivating and relevant nevertheless. The pianist stays in that new found mysterious domain for a while, before gracefully returning to the main theme, which - with its strong cinematic undertones - effortlessly recaptures the momentum and leads the listener towards the elegant ending of the song.

Eclectic, interesting and to my ears - one of a kind. Here's "Dewdrops":


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