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Wooden Maria "Murder of Crows": a folk-ambient vessel to bliss

Wooden Maria is a four-piece alt project from London who's folk-infused and absolutely mesmerizing ambient-neoclassical release we are delighted to present to you today.

Rolling in on contemplative piano resting upon spacious drones, the music immediately grasps the attention with it's rich production. Then, blissful, deep and thoughtful, a male vocal takes over the lead with a delivery as unnerving as the existence itself. With a melody written around a folk core and a voice that is as intense, as it is reassuring and wise, the singer pulls you into a universe that is in love with light, but familiar with the shadows too. Past a prayer-like verse, the composition moves onto an euphoric outro, where the vocals and the instrumentation become a singular divine vessel, venturing deep into your soul and getting the best out of it before sailing away towards a graceful ending, leaving you moved, touched and wanting to relive the experience over again.

Tasteful, true and soaked in musicianship at the highest level, enjoy:


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