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Winterdagen "For Frederik": Intent, emotion and musical richness.

Winterdagen is a Dutch neoclassical name who we have come across once before and who is now returning with a beautifully recorded, nostalgic piano piece entitled "For Frederik".

Composed with intent, the piano piece relies mostly on its emotion and delivery, rather than on fancy melodic elaborations. A bit heavy-hearted and longing, its delightfully simple melody works stunningly well with the ASMR sound of the piano instrument. Once the listener has been deeply engaged with the above described, longing core, the composer elaborates into a faster-paced theme in which the ASMR sounds becomes intricately scattered across the spectrum, as if signifying some disturbance or lack of control within. The piece then returns to its contemplative origins finishing elegantly on a note as light as the air itself.

I know that 'banger' and 'calm piano' doesn't want to go hand in hand, but if they did, then this would be one of them:


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