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Wilson Trouvé "To The Moon And Back": Calming meets catchy in a well-balanced piano endeavor.

Can relaxing piano be catchy? It is almost a requirement for this particular genre to not feature any too involving elements, but can the hook be so subtle that it won't matter? Having listener to "To The Moon and Back" Wilson Trouvé, I'm inclined to say - yes, it sure can.

It took a few listens and some recollecting capacity to figure out what is it that's so catchy about this tune and I will get to that later, but first. The musical effort in its full body of work is a magnificent one - the tranquil note played with a playful amount of rubato and a kind of naivete to it all are capturing the listener with its honesty and a very, very decent recording. Now onto the hook - it is the first 7 notes of the melody, which - it hit me suddenly - were very similar or almost identical to a part of melody of... wait for it... Scottish anthem. Coincidental or not - I'm in love with how catchy and undisruptive it is.

Listen here:



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