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Wilson Trouvé "Moonlight": Emotional harmony on the piano.

Wilson Trouvé, a French visual artist, musician and composer based in Brussels, presents his latest single entitled "Moonlight".

"The things we feel as humans are layered and complex and I aim to reflect that with any music i create".

It's a gorgeous, emotional and mind-blowingly beautiful neoclassical work lasting just a minute and a half, which leaves an unforgettable impression imbued with passion and sophistication. The composer is very skillful on the instrument and demonstrates a high level of professionalism in the performance. The composition sounds very high quality, all the subtleties of a live performance are conveyed, which makes the composition special.

"Moonlight" will make the listener tremble and shudder, as if touched to the core, and will fill our souls with deep delight and bliss:


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