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Wilson Trouvé "Fall trees": Turn on the autumn.

We present to you an absolutely peaceful, calm and very beautiful composition "Fall trees" written by Wilson Trouvé, a French pianist and composer living in Brussels.

The composition is written in a triangular waltz rhythm for a reason. If you listen to the melody with your eyes closed, you immediately imagine autumn leaves gracefully, in the rhythm of a waltz, falling from the branches of trees and falling to the cool autumn ground. The melody itself is simple enough to be easily learnt and memorised. This piano masterpiece will perfectly brighten up the autumn days, highlighting the beauty and special magic of this time of year. The microphone close to the instrument has allowed you to create a natural sound of this composition, which makes it even more atmospheric and cosy.

Make some tea, wrap up in a plaid, sit by the window and turn on "Fall trees", and here's the link:


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