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Wilson Trouvé ''Caress'': Daydreaming spelled out on a piano.

How often do we let ourselves slip away into the dream world? In our busy adult lives, we pride ourselves with always being on time, always ready. It seems we have completely removed ourselves of the opportunity to daydream, to allow ourselves to stop and smell the roses.

“Caress” by Wilson Trouvé, a French self-taught pianist and composer based in Brussels, will easily bring you to a meditative and relaxing state of daydreaming. Gentle piano piece with the title “Caress” will let you fully embrace the past and relieve the memories of childhood friends, first love and all the wonderful times, which now only exist in our memories. Understanding of time passage and inability to turn back time is bitter-sweet yet rewarding, just as the melancholic piano piece by Trouvé. Just like the time slipping through our fingers, this walk down the piano keys invites you to walk down the steps of the memory lane. Emphasizing the bitter-sweet and melancholic atmosphere with each of its gentle notes, “Caress” wraps around you like a warm blanket, comforting you into wonders of “what could have been”.

Let the soft piano strokes carry you down river stream of memories in a gently rocking boat, lullabying you into the world of daydreaming, where possibilities are endless.


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