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William Philipson "Homewood Avenue": Where musical prowess meets universal beauty.

Neoclassical music comes in many forms and while a some of those forms don't necessarily appeal to us, the core of the genre is a magnificent one and one we are married to, as well as represented by a growing platoon of artists. William Philipson is most definitely one of the artists who keeps the genre bright and evolving, and who's mesmerizingly beautiful neoclassical endeavor "Homewood Avenue" we are delighted to present to you today.

Taking off on enchanting drones and ambient sweeps, the composition - in its early moments - opens up for an infinity of possibilities. However, soon joined by a hypnotizing piano element, the composer let's us know just what he's up to - namely some crisp, inventive neoclassical. While the melancholy-soaked melody - one that is also twisted with the sexiest atonal note - seeps into your spirit, the composer begins to introduce angelic supporting layers of various instruments, evolving the piece into a fairly turbulent and euphoric experience. Descending back into its earlier dynamic, the composer recaptures the magic of the melody and beautifies it with sound of chirping birds - nice touch. Then, quite abruptly, but not without any discomfort, the music takes us to its final movement, one which has so much light about it, you can bet any and every shadow will up and leave. Finishing elegantly on the piano theme, the music left me in awe, aspired and some kind of strangely tangible blessed.

A magnificent, dense and musically rich experience. Here's "Homewood Avenue":


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