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William Ogmundson "Noël Nouvelet": Hogwarts vibes on a piano

William Ogmundson is one of those names we grown familiar to. This American award-winning pianist and composer has a rather unique take on neoclassical music, one which is well-portrayed in his recent release "Noël Nouvelet".

Mesmerizing and enchanting, the piano melody wanders in on secretive, beautiful notes, capturing your attention with it's peculiarity. Listening to this song, I am vividly reminded of one of my favorite movie scores of all time, namely John Williams's compositions for Harry Potter films. If I had to place this song in a scene from the saga it would definitely be one of the many 'first encounter' scenes, such as the discovery of The Mirror of Erised, for example. The composition - other than it's absolutely stunning melody - features some crisp detail that adds to the cinematic element, such as the notable ending of this piano gem, which I'm not gonna spoil for you.

Enjoy this wonderful creation with all it's magical feels at the link below:


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