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William Ogmundson ''Monet's Garden'' - a piano piece serenading a classic painter

Willian Ogmundson, who has been featured on our blog several times, has returned with another wonderful piece of piano neoclassical entitled ''Monet's Garden''. As the title suggests, the music is here to serenade the gardens of Claude Monet - a French painter and the forefather of French Impressionism, who is probably best known for his paintings of nature - gardens inclusive.

The piano piece, played solely by William Ogmundson, is a highly picturesque sonic interpretation of taking a walk in one of Monet's gardens. Written with extreme amounts of elegance and thought, the composition is as rich as a bottom-less well. Constantly moving and elaborating, the pianist allows the listener to see, feel and yes - smell the panorama too. Gracefully transitioning between minor and major keys the piano pulls the listener in and out of the breeze of the shade and then back into the sizzling sun again, all throughout being surrounded by immense amounts of the beauty of nature.

Truly alive and without a doubt our favorite from William Ogmundson to date. Take a walk in a garden at the link below:


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