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Will Brahm "Summer's Blessing": An acoustic guitar instrumental that won our hearts

While there appears to be an abundance of piano music that appeals to us, it's not so often we come across a guitar composition that speaks to us in the same way. However, this masterful composition by Will Brahm entitled "Summer's Blessing" hits the nail right on its head, reminding us just now tranquil and captivating an acoustic guitar can sound.

Introducing the composition gradually, the guitarist wants you to enjoy and familiarize yourself with the underlying elements before moving onto the most blissful and complex melodic and harmonic elaborations. Crossing over classical, jazz and pop, the music is bound to appeal to a large audience, not to mention its flawless, masterful delivery. Much like summer itself, the music lingers in your domain for a while - charming, beautiful and memorable - then fades away leaving you nostalgic, humble and calm kind of happy.

A true keeper in the genre of acoustic instrumentals. Here's "Summer's Blessing":


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