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Will Brahm ”Casita Blanca del Mar”: Acoustic guitars, Caribbean vibes, and technique on a high level

Will Brahm is an American composer/guitarist who recently sent us his first submission ever. And let’s just say that we’re glad he did! This guy does not just create interesting and entertaining music, he serves it on a silver platter, and his song “Casita Blanca del Mar” which we have decided to share with you today is an outstanding example of that.

Acoustic guitars, Caribbean vibes, technique, and musicianship on a high level. That would be a quick way to sum up what this song brings to the table. It seems fair to say that the composer shows a lot of gut and independence on this track, consistently varying the melodies, changing the pace, and bringing in new instrumental elements. Where the song wants to take you is simply impossible to predict as a listener, because it seems as if there is always a new delightful little quirk waiting for you around the corner. Having said that though, this is not just a composition for music nerds to drool over. It’s also a great song to vibe to with its light and exotic tone. Not only does this thing constantly surprise you and amuse you with all its marvellous technicalities, it also keeps the smooth Caribbean vibes intact for the entirety of it. Very high-quality stuff.

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