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We Dream of Eden "Please Send Rain": A song to holding on for better days

American ambient music artist, We Dream of Eden, enjoys blending real life sounds with modern technology, inspired by the contrast of precision and imperfection and often uplifting, the pieces create a space for listeners to think, breathe, and dream.

As a beacon of hope amongst sadness, “Please Send Rain” is an ode to the raging fires burning in the United States. The ambient backdrop is set before a soft acoustic guitar is introduced as new notes ring in soft solidarity. There’s something about this piece that is immediately beautiful and heart-opening as it captivates its listeners and really invites that deep breath feeling we long for. Trusting and comforting, this track is so hopeful and wondrous as the uplifting tones almost feel like wanderlust, perhaps these places we dream of are just a better tomorrow. Sweetly constructed in its intentional tenderness, this piece will bring an overwhelming urge to hug your loved ones and not take for granted the present moments as they pass, while reminding us in dark times, relief will come in unity and in hope.

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