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Walter MMari and Carolyn Barela "Sleep Earth Angel": A synth and string serenity

South African artist, Walter MMari, and American artist, Carolyn Barela, collaborate to bring an ambient piece of serenity and beauty in "Sleep Earth Angel".

Calming in its ocean wave ambience to open, the soft notes that have a faint fuzziness and roundness create a feeling of warmth before the strings join to add grandeur to the piece. Elaborate in its blend of a sizely string section and intimacies from the ambient synth sounds, the piece balances these dynamic presences in a special performance. The tone is dreamy and compellingly captivating in its prestigious beauty and calming nature, calling for another spin in your queue with a seamless transition of ocean wave ambience from one replay to the next.

Listen to this special, new age neo-classical hybrid here:


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