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Voga x Bedroom "Spiral (feat. Bedroom)": a guitar ambience decorated in delicate piano and strings

Toronto-based pianist and producer, Voga collaborates with Bedroom, a Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, to create a piano, strings, and ambient guitar track from Voga’s album “Masquerade” which is centred around transformational identity, marking the halfway point of the theme with their track “Spiral”.

Mellowed piano notes set the backdrop of this piece, carefully bringing its character to light, with a certain softness that is highlighted by the whisper of string notes flowing into the piece. As the piano notes grow, beckoning you in and drawing your attention with wondrous and mystical tones, the composition emits a tranquility and stillness. Soft, hopeful, and steady, this piece brings a lustrous calm amidst the changing seasons.

Soothing elegance awaits:


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