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Virga Drought ”I Think… I Think Too Much”: An alluring ambient universe

Born in the second largest country in the world with an urge to create, Canadian composer Virga Drought presents to you the recently released single ”I Think… I Think Too Much”

With subtle piano melodies sometimes revealing themselves in the background of the soundscape, strings being used with precision and taste, and generally a noisy and comprehensive sound to it, the single is not what you would characterize as typical. It is, however, interesting given that the instrumental dynamic is more ambient and unusual than ever. What dominates the soundscape is not the melodic elements, but the noisy, comprehensive ones, and it ends up giving the piece a sort of mysterious and almost scary vibe. Besides that, the piano melodies and the strings sound very alluring, making it difficult not to be drawn into the composer’s universe as a listener.

If you’re in for a treat a bit different from the usual, check it out:


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