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Vincenzo Crimaco "Life": Travelling with the soft sounds of the piano

Introducing Vincenzo Crimaco and the composition "Life".

Vincenzo Crimaco was born in Gaeta on 7 September 1993, but always grew up in Mondragon. It all started at the age of two, when on a small keyboard he would instantly play any melody that caught his eye. Thus began the journey that led him to make music and the piano his life. At the age of 8, he started practising by taking private lessons.

The melodies in the composition "Life" are like a thread of life, a fabric that connects us to all aspects of our being. They caress the ear with soft sounds and take us on a soulful journey, reminding us of the importance of being in the present moment and the value of each breath. Slow, tranquil piano, I'm sure many will find it to their liking.

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