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Vincenzo Crimaco "Flower": The power of honesty spelled out on a piano.

Vincenzo Crimaco, other than winning 'The Best Ringing Artist Name' title of the month, has also recently released a brilliantly composed, melancholy-infused piano piece entitled "Flower".

Unafraid of its emotions, the composition begins with a heavy-hearted minor-key melody. Somewhat dramatic, though not desperate, the composition continues to evolve, each bar colored masterfully with a rich dynamic. Past the first pain, the pianist takes into a the first theme elaboration, which - with it's major undertones - suggests resilience and content. Further elaborating on the major theme, the composer let's us know with significance that giving up is not an option. The piece then elegantly returns to its melancholic origins for a brief moment ending blissfully on a major key, as if saying that everything is gonna be alright.

Picturesque, honest, as well as damn well composed and delivered. Here's "Flower":


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