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Vincenzo Crimaco "Carpe Diem": A beautiful piece of piano melancholia

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

It’s only a few weeks since Italian composer/pianist Vincenzo Crimaco gave birth to a new piano composition called ”Carpe Diem (The shape of Piano to come vol.1)”. We’re very happy he did, and we’re happy to be able to share this delightful track with you today.

Starting of calmly, a thoughtful and slightly melancholic atmosphere is presented. This atmosphere continues throughout the track, and boy does it do it in a lovely fashion. Consistently doing everything in the right pace and time, the composer takes these small breaks between the melody-lines, giving the chords room to breathe and the listeners room to think, which works incredibly well for him. Besides that, the artists technique and compositional skills are in top, and the tone of the song is beautiful, heartfelt, and strongly moving right down to the core of it.


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