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Vincent Boot "A Different View": A mysterious and romantic piano.

The composition "A Different View" by Vincent Boot from the city of Breda in the Netherlands.

He writes about himself that already at an early age he was interested not only in music, but also in composing stories and making things. It all started with composing little funny stories or poems to make people laugh. Unfortunately, he doesn't have many of these stories anymore because at one time he gave them all away as gifts. When he was 10 years old, they got an old piano and he started playing songs from the radio on it, and then he started writing his own songs.

The composition "A Different View" is something very mysterious and romantic. The author has demonstrated mastery of the instrument at the highest level, and these delicate notes and chords will prove it to us. The composition carries some kind of story that the author has encrypted in it. It is the author's experiences, his personal stories and a part of himself. The melody is simple and easy to remember. It will be a great addition to the playlist of a neoclassical lover!

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