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Vetle Lyckander (NO) and Båd (DK): Neoclassical Nordic neighbors.

Two Nordic neoclassical music submissions by mere coincidence appearing right next to each other? If this is not asking for a double-blog post, then I don't know what is. Not only do they both come from the same region, but also carry a similar brightly melancholic aesthetic, characteristic to the music coming from the north.

Vetle Lyckander from Norway would be the first neighbor, who's "tid" is a waltz-like, elegant piano piece driven by a melody which loyal to it's title runs effortlessly along a beautifully composed accompaniment. Elaborate and dynamically rich, the music serenades the notion of time with grace, beautifying the experience with rubato and plenty of melodic twists to keep the ear entertained.

The second Nordic neighbor would be Båd from Denmark with a piano-string arrangement entitled "October". Less so melancholic, the piece finds itself - similarly to the month in the title - at the brink of light and darkness. Richly arranged strings sweep the sonic spectrum like winds, while the piano compliments the motions with either co-response or twinkling arpeggio accompaniment.



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