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Velt "Kamille": A source of inspiration.

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Velt is a composer, producer and pianist from Hamburg and his creation "Kamille".

"He grew up in orchestras, opera and theatre, instilling a love of music from an early age through his mother, a qualified conductor and music teacher, and his father, a professional accordionist. Switching gears from his classical education, he took up music production at university and began working in the studio creating electronic music. Now he has combined his two loves".

"Kamille" is a gentle piano track, this piano piece is a subtle expression of diverse emotions as they develop. The piece is inspiring and striking in its elegance and melody. The piano is magnificent, played by the hands of a master. Convincing in its dynamic characteristics, the piece is a laconic reproduction of complex piano textures and tones. There is a palpable sense of longing, difficulty and sadness in the piece, yet there is no sense of defeat but rather of determination.

It's a composition that would totally grace your playlist. Listen to it when you need the energy to create something beautiful and new.

You can listen to it at the link:


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