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Val Giamo ''Jade'' - the sweet spot between exclusive and approachable

Val Giamo, who's a composer/pianist based in Sweden has recently released a charming and eclectic piano piece entitled ''Jade''.

Elegantly taking off a melody that falls somewhere between classical and pop, the composer soon takes a fairly unexpected turn, but one that is welcomed with curiosity and delight. The composition, although faithful to its spirit, dives into a jazz paradigm, beautifying and expanding the sound with intricate chords and melodic elaborations. The pianist exhibits vast knowledge of the instrument, unfolding each next bar effortlessly, while keeping the listener entertained with the edginess of this musical endeavor. Then, just as effortlessly, Val Giamo brings the composition back into it's elegant beginnings and the now-familiar melody, leaving the listener somewhere between zen and impressed.

A work of a true talent, listen to ''Jade'' below:


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