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Ubikdaniele x Nacho Rodriguez ''Hermandad'' - the sound of love and tranquility

Ubikdaniele is an Italian musician who has been travelling the world for the past 30 years participating in a wide array of different project. His specialty is a therapeutic use of sound frequencies, which - among other talents - shows richly in his recent release ''Hermandad''.

Leading in on what sounds like a hang drum, or a similar instrument, the music scoops the room with it's meditative intent, before taking on a more dance-friendly shape. Let me be clear, when I say dance, I mean the kind of fluorescent movement you would see in 1969 at Woodstock, not the nightclub nodding kind. Beautifully colored with flutes, string and vocals, the song evolves into a far-east symphonic serenade to love and tranquility - all of which rests on a very appealing continuous drone, which ties the room together much like that carpet did in the ''Big Lebowski'' movie.

Elegant and composed at the highest level, definitely a winner in it's own genre. Tranquil away:


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