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Type: V ''In this Garden (amongst the stars)'': as we advance towards the light

Type: V is an American artist/producer who's original, immersive and curious ambient/electronica composition entitled ''In This Garden'' we are reviewing today with pure curiosity.

First off, PLEASE do not be discouraged by what may seem like a lengthy track, for all of it's almost-nine-minutes are worth every second of your time. The music you're about to hear functions much like an experience, a picturesque sonic journey, void of form and structure, but comprehensible nevertheless. The artist lures in the listener with deep drones and crisp backing, mystifying backing sounds. Following the spacious intro, the track introduces several different chapter-like themes, each unique in its own way, as well as featuring a new, intriguing element. Despite its length and variety, the entire piece has a thick red thread woven through it, keeping the listener in its mystifying grip.

Imaginative, nonchalant and blunt cool, check it out:


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