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Twon Lake ''Under The Crystal Lake'' - one convincing sonic dive

We can't help but to have expectation when presented with music we know is coming from Japan. The people of this distant island have masterminded ideas unlike any other, always exhibiting a strong sense of edginess and individualism to their creations - music inclusive.

It's safe to say that ''Under The Crystal Lake'' is an experience, more than it's just a track. Subtly wandering in on ambient synth drones, the composition soon takes the listener on a deep dive into the an other-dimensional body of water. Although fairly intense with its high frequencies, the entirety of this electronica arrangement has an undeniably relaxing core. Its immersive qualities peaking, the tune hypnotizes the listener, continuously intensifying the sonic underwater journey with crisp synth and analog sounds.

Take a sonic dive, complete with a visual right below:


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