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Tristan Eckerson "Soma": Top-shelf piano waltz

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Tristan Eckerson is an American pianist we have grown to know and appreciate. Doesn't his name sound like a name for a pianist? Think about it for a second. It would seem playing piano was written for Tristan in the stars, a hypothesis which is heavily supported by his recent release entitled "Soma".

Dancing in confidently on a waltz-like melody and accompaniment, the composer instantly creates an illusive, mesmerizing atmosphere. Somewhat eerie, this neoclassical friendly ghost continues to waltz across your domain, then suddenly resolves into a new palette - one that is oddly bright, as if struck by some vivid loving memory. After a brief smile, the music returns to its beautifully melancholic roots, its melody carefree and painfully honest. While the dynamic of this piece remains rather consistent, the composer throws in a few delightful rubatos and ritardandos, common to waltz based compositions, thus also signifying the weight and quality of this composition.

A must hear for any piano music lover and beyond. Here's "Soma":


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