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Traveler CS x Philip G Anderson ''Missingness'' - as easy as easy-listening can get

Traveler CS and Philip G Anderson, both American artists, have recently collaborated to give us a beautiful piano/strings duet entitled ''Missingness''.

With soft, jazzy piano at the core, the composition is soaked in longing, moving bar to bar with a heart that's heavy but loving. Melodically brilliant, the music sounds familiar, but not cliche, allowing the listener to really relax. Played with class and intent, the pianist tells a story, which even though word-less, captivates the listener with it's plot, as well as crisp detail. All of this wonderful, poetically instrumental piano effort is resting on a gentle carpet of strings, making sure the magical fragility of the composition has a friend to lean onto.

Easy-listening at it's best, here you go:


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