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Tommie Sox "Amazon Relax Meditation": As cool as zen can be.

When we first started this blog, none of us were really big on meditation. Frankly, we still aren't, but we have grown a lot more familiar with this discipline, a lot of which we owe to all the wonderful meditation music we have come across during this journey.

Tommie Sox has personally traveled to the Amazon River in order to record the nature sounds found in this tranquil and soothing release tactically and accurately entitled "Amazon Relax Meditation". The artist seems to have plenty of courage at heart, as not only did Tommie venture into a jungle for the sake of art, but is also expressing the inner self in rather unique ways all along this six-minute long track. Soothing and unapologetic all at once, the artist makes great use of the above mentioned nature sounds, synth, keys and last but not least - vocals, which mesmerizing with the melody and cool with the production are the star of this arrangement in my ears.

Whether or not you're into meditating, this is totally worth your time:


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