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Tom Ashbrook "Seance": A Living Neoclassical Entity.

Fresh just got a new captain and his name is Tom Ashbrook who is debuting on our blog with what is definitely one of the most stunning neoclassical endeavors in my recent memory.

Taking off on finely produced synth drones, the track immediately puts on high expectations for itself and then meets them too. The composer, free of form and fully confident in his own agenda allows the piece to evolve in a magical natural rhythm - first giving it limbs, then watching its first steps and finally letting this beautiful entity run free through the rich neoclassical fields. All of that is not only achieved effortlessly, but without any excess of too - essentially the entire composition rests on synth, strings and piano. Perhaps the piano element of this tune deserves its own praise - just how delightfully it completes this gem, especially towards its end.

Do not miss out on this one, dear readers. Here's "Seance":


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