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Tom Ashbrook "All Clear": Feather-light piano elegance.

Tom Ashbrook is a pianist from UK, who's most elegant piano piece entitled "All Clear" we are delighted to share with you today.

It takes no time at all for the music to sweep you off the ground - it's strong melodic effort and the most soulful delivery both highly prevalent from the first bars. The pianist moves along the keyboard so effortlessly, one may forget that ten fingers and two legs are at play here - it all comes off so organic and fluid. Loyal to the title, the music evokes feelings of euphoria in non-overwhelming amounts, but just enough to see the beauty of our existence and immerse in a sense of appreciation for all things that are. Played at the highest level and dynamically rich, the pianist shines along with the music throughout the four minute runtime of this gem, leaving the listener with a sense of relief and gratitude.

Rise a few inches above the ground, why don't you:


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