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[[]]togethermachine ''Mimi, All Is Well in Wonderland'' - a piano portal to a fairytale

[[]]togethermachine is a project from Netherlands, which has won our hearts with a recent release entitled ''Mimi, All Is Well in Wonderland''.

How far can one piano bar go? The answer is to Wonderland and back. This tune, carried by an unchanging piano melody does just that. Even though repetitive, there is something utterly magical and honest about the notes, as well as the delivery. The piano captures a wide array of feelings, melancholy inclusive, but also love, dreaminess, longing and somehow - a hint of eeriness too. This magical piano idea is then beautified by distant, most elegant drones and sonic glimmers, painting an even more vivid picture of a peculiar, not so far dimension.

Definitely the most hypnotizing, calming piece of music in my recent memory, check it out:


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