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[[]]togethermachine "I Remember Julius": An inter-genre portal

[[]]togethermachine is a Dutch ambient outfit who's work we have with delight featured before and who is now returning with another finely original track entitled "I Remember Julius".

[[]]togethermachine music doesn't seem to bow to any one of the genres, but rather combines elements from many into a crisp and very appealing sound. "I Remember Julius" pays every due to the above, inviting the listener into a universe that is ambient, cinematic and jazzy in equal portions. Quite frankly it could very well be the portal between those genres, as no one of them seems to be the prevalent one, all the while all of them are notably present. Written for a jazz quartet plus some, the track evokes a mystifying feeling within the listener - again, as if at the verge of another dimension the likes of Alice In Wonderland.

[[]]togethermachine is now officially a name we're excited to see returning. Here's "I Remember Julius":


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