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Toby Knowles "Hora": Journey into a world of dreams and fantasies

We present to you this incredible composition from

Toby Knowles called "Hora".

Toby is a prolific London based composer working in the genres of jazz, pop and media. He has created several documentaries with comedian Romesh Ranganathan, The Last Woman on Earth with Sarah Pascoe, adverts for Google Pixel, Facebook and Nissan.

Toby's musicianship combines his eclectic skills on piano, guitar, ukulele, jazz, classical, orchestral and other popular styles drawn from his years in the folk band Left With Pictures.

The rhythm of "Hora" is reminiscent of a slow journey through ancient city streets, where time stretches on as if in a slow dance. It is music that immerses us in a world of dreams and fantasies, opening new horizons of possibilities and inner contemplation.

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