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Ting Si Hao "Reflections": oriental meet neoclassical for an expensive snack

Coming out of Singapore, Ting Si Hao is a name we couldn't help but to have a few expectations for. With few, but memorable submissions out of this unique country in South-East Asia, we expected a treat - and we got one with a cherry on top of it.

Beginning subtly with light, cinematic piano, the composition is soon joined by ambient drones, followed by the most soothing oriental flutes and strings - all of which happens quite quickly and rightfully so too! This sonic treat is only one and a half minute long yet as complete as ever. It's not to say that any further elaboration would be unwelcome, but the dense delivery of this lovable musical idea is as welcome as any.

Oriental-neoclassical snacking at it's finest, here we go:


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