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Thomas Verovski x DOVE-i "My Secret Letters": indulging you in pure nerve and emotion

Thomas Verovski and DOVE-i, both French artists, have collaborated to bring us a cinematically intense neoclassical piece entitled "The Last Secrets Of a Queen", which we are sharing with you today.

Creeping in on hypnotizing drones and distant, glimmering piano notes, the composition immediately grasps the ear with its very high production. Past an appropriately short intro, the composition elevates into a second movement, which complete with an army of weeping strings and other orchestral instruments along with a beat, gradually soaks the listener in pure, tangible nerve. Intense and fearless, the arrangement takes every chance its given to move the listener and succeeds at every one of them too, then - past a peak - let's you go, your heart beating twice as fast as at the beginning of the track.

Indulge in some feeling and emotions, dear readers:


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