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Thomas Lemmer x Christoph Sebastian Pabst ” Basaltsäulennebel”: Godly produced electronica

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

German composers/producers Thomas Lemmer and Christoph Sebastian Pabst have recently stuck their heads together, and in cooperation created a new single called “Basaltsäulennebel”. The song is a smooth, calm piece of ambient electronica, and we’re very happy to be able to share this with you today.

Starting off with some soft synths that increasingly grows bigger and bigger, the two composers gently invites you into their comprehensive soundscape. The leading melody is quickly introduced hereafter, and has an incredibly catchy, but also almost hypnotic vibe to it. However, the strongest quality of the song is, in my opinion, its production. The song has a soothing and hypnotic tone, and the incredibly thorough production helps intensifying this tone, just as it helps the catchy leading melodies to really stand out. Generally, I’d argue that this is a very, very tasteful song all the way through. So, if you’re in for a treat of soothing vibes, tasteful production, and impressively well-written melodies, I feel comfortable saying you’ll enjoy this one.

Go check it yourself:


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