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Thomas James White ''In the Pale, Grey Dawn'' - an instant (neo)classic

Thomas James White is a British composer/producer who charmed our hearts out with his recent release entitled ''In The Pale, Grey Dawn''.

While the title may suggest otherwise, the core of the composition is in fact uplifting and light, though also unafraid of the inevitable melancholy associated with life. Spearheaded by a cello, the repetitive meditative melodic element is increasingly intensified with more harmonic strings, all resting gracefully on distant drones. Patient and understanding, like a loving parent, the music gets the best out of the listener, allowing you to ask yourself some big questions and perhaps answer them too. Dynamically rich, the track gets nowhere close to boring with it's repetitive nature and rather digs deeper into your nurture-hungry soul with each bar.

Universally beautiful and an instant classic on this blog. Try and not get emotional at the link below:


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