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Thomas Hewitt Jones "Wuhan Flower": A cinematic ode to beauty of nature

Thomas Hewitt Jones is a name we are more than familiar with. His compositions have been a vital part of our blog's journey and to a large extent - have set the bar for standards of our work. Today we are delighted to present to you a new orchestral arrangement by this well-renowned composer from UK.

Blissful from the get go, Mr. Hewitt Jones lures you right in on a cinematic piano supported by a delightful backdrop of woodwinds and strings. Elaborating dynamically, the arrangement paints a vivid and captivating picture, accurately serenading the particular type of flower found in the Japanese city of Wuhan and with it - the beauty of nature at large. Making great use of each and every orchestral instrument at hand, the composer leaves no debate as to his musical mastery - rather, he immerses you in the brilliance of his creation, having you breath deeper and love stronger. Complete with several movements, a stunning dynamic and pure elegance all across - the piece is not only musically monumental, but a highly emotional one too.

Here's an orchestral arrangement from a composer who never fails to impress us:


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