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Thomas Hewitt Jones "Rising Again": Elegant meets euphoric for a neoclassical date

We couldn't be happier to see that neoclassical music is gaining more and more popularity these days. Whether it's the isolation, the need to invoke or the need for peace of mind - it seems the ears around the globe are turning to the sounds of strings, pianos, woodwinds, as well as synth and analog ambiance. If I had to introduce the genre of neoclassical to a non-believer, then Thomas Hewitt Jones would definitely be one of the names that would fall first into my head.

His recent composition "Rising Again", other than being one of countless statements to the composer's mastery, is an uplifting, euphoric sonic delicacy rooting strongly in classical music, but sounding as fresh as any other of THJ's works. Leading in on a dreamy piano, the delightful melody introduces itself with elegance before being elevated into a culminating soundscape of strings, brass and woodwinds - a change that carries the euphoric element in its abruptness. Past a captivating flight on the orchestral wings, the composition descends again into its elegant origins, gracefully retracting towards its end.

Another classic neoclassical arrangement from a composer we know and cherish. Here's "Rising Again":


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