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Thomas Hewitt Jones ''Can You Hear Me?'' - yes we can, and we can't get enough of it

Thomas Hewitt Jones, who remains the sweetheart of our music blog, returns with yet another mesmerizing neoclassical collaboration with Matthew Denton on violin.

Enchanting and heart-warming, I heard the tune some seven times before even starting to write about it. The violin and piano are working in a beautiful duet, where the violin takes on the lead role, whereas the piano supports the melody, sneaking away to lay beautiful chords every now and again. The two musicians, both masters in their own domain, play together very well, almost as if linked to a single organism - that's high end musicianship for you, my friends. The music is soaked in longing and love, while the dynamics make all that melancholy ever so inviting.

Yes, we can hear you, THJ, and may that never stop.


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